ZFS Rings

RING ORDER NEWS – 2022 Rings can be paid for via your PayPal account as per the information on the Ring Order Form. (Not through the membership PayPal) and available from 2nd January to 31st December each year. If using Cheques please write Zebra Finch Society in the payee line and not the abbreviated form ZFS

Rings for Timor should be ordered via the Australian Finch Society. (Not the ZFS)

Z.F.S. members are always recommended to close ring their young birds, using the close coded rings available through the Society. This applies particularly if you breed your birds in cages, where the exact parentage of your young is known. The ring number can then be used to identify your birds in your breeding records, and provided you keep good records the exact history of any of your birds can be traced just by checking their ring number. It is also a way that official bodies are beginning to recognise, and define pedigree stock, by the fact they are close rung. If you want to exhibit your birds and compete for Z.F.S. breeder awards, your birds, as well as being current year breed birds, have to be rung with your own Z.F.S. close coded rings.

Ring Markings and Sizes:

The Z.F.S. closed coded rings are marked with the member’s society, code number. This code number is made up of a letter corresponding to your surname, and a three digit number. The letter is marked round the ring, and the number across it. Should you happen to have a code number of the less than 100 then a zero is inserted in front of the number. If you forget your code number this is always printed against your name in the list of members published in the Society’s Year Book. You should also quote your code number, when you renew your subscription, but be very careful you use your correct number. The rings are consecutively numbered, starting at 1 each year for every member. This number is marked round the ring just before the code letter. Then finally across the ring they are marked with the characters ”Z” a number ”S”. The ”Z” and ”S” standing for Zebra Finch Society, and the number is the last digit of the current year, (i.e. this years rings 2022 are marked with a ”Z0S”). The rings are also a different colour each year. The Society currently uses a six year colour cycle, that is the same colour reappears every seventh year. The ring size used for the Societies rings is very important it must not be small, so it damages the birds leg, but neither must it be too large, or over loose on the birds leg, as then there is a much greater chance of the bird getting the ring caught on something in the cage or aviary, and hence damaging its leg, the current ring size used by the Z.F.S. is size ”D” but we also offer our members who feel they need a larger size – the size “E” (see Ring Order Form) However, with the two choices of size  you can now order (say)20 at size “D” and 40 at size “E” on the same Ring Order Form. (useful if you have Aviary/Pet birds and larger Exhibition size)

COM information:- http://www.zebrafinchsociety.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/COM-Rings.jpg

Ring Colours – Six year Cycle (from 2010 onwards to match COM/IOA colours)

Purchasing Rings:

Rings are available from the 6th January until the 31st October for the current year. The procedure to obtain your rings is:

1. When you pay your subscription for the year you will be sent an Order Form for the current years rings

2. Complete the form, stating the sequence of numbers required, i.e. 1 to 50, and, also don’t forget to include your completed check or postal order made payable to The Zebra Finch Society, prices are included on the order form along with the cost of postage and packaging, then simply, send this along with all copies of the form to the Ring Secretary.

3. After the 6th January the manufacturer will send you the rings ordered along with an Order Form for a repeat order. Turnaround in the season is usually 5 working days.