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Subscriptions can now be paid for 2024.  These can be paid by Pal Pal/Credit/Debit card via the ZFS website, or you can pay by cheque/postal order direct to the Membership Secretaries. Junior membership is FREE, however new and existing junior membersmust register (including date of birth) with the Membership Secretaries annually.

New Members

Full details for New Members, click on “The Menu” at the top of the page, “The Society”, then “Join the Zebra Finch Society”, where you will find a downloadable application form.  If you require any further information please contact the Membership Secretaries, Frank and Mavis Dawson on 01752 341204 or send an email to frank1947william@btinternet.com.

Subscription Costs using Paypal:-

Single & Joint Renew membership £16.

Single & Joint New Membership £20.

Senior Citizen Renew membership £13.

Senior Citizen New membership £17.

Overseas Renewal membership £24.

Overseas New membership £28.

Junior New membership – FREE but register with Membership Secretaries annually.

Junior Renew membership- FREE but register with Membership Secretaries annually.

Reduce all of the above by £1 if posting application with cheque or Postal Order.


Bird  Raffle

As discussed at the recent Committee meeting, I am planning to organise a bird raffle at the ZFS Club show in October to raise funds for the show.

I will be putting a request for donated pairs or singles on the ZFS Website/Facebook page ,as well as asking well known exhibitors if they would like to contribute.

Each pair/single will have the name of the Donator on the front of the cage, and all tickets will be placed in separate boxes relevant to the donated birds.

This will be run separately from the Normal sales section.

The cost of each ticket will be £5 per ticket, and any amount of tickets can be purchased. The amount of tickets sold in each box will not be made known to the buyer of any said ticket.

No numbers will be used, just the names of the purchaser of the ticket to go in the relevant box.

It is open to everyone, even if you cannot attend the show, but payment must be made before the show if you cannot attend, and your instructions included.

The draw will be made at 2.30 as we have limited time before the Main presentations at 3.30

If anyone would like to donate a pair/single or purchase a ticket then please contact me

Many thanks – Peter Cannan


​​​​Donated birds to date

G & K Craig

N. Smith





Following concerns from members regarding the show cage drinkers and the alterations to the front rail, the matter was discussed at the last Committee meeting.

It was pointed out that some exhibitors have lacquered show cages and to make the changes would make it impossible the match the original finish

The following proposal was put forward

That all exhibitors to use the CO20 algae blue flow-maticdrinkers. The D cup drinker, holder and escape wire MAY be left in place if so wished{ but it is not to be used instead of the exterior drinker}

Any entry without an external drinker, will automatically be disqualified from that class.

It is then down to each individual exhibitor to decide whether they wish to make the alterations to or replace the front rail.

Please Note – There is no time limit on the use of existing show cages, and there are no plans to phase them out.

This was duly agreed on unanimously.

Frank Dawson has been in touch with 3 manufacturers of the show cage and they are happy to build future cages without the drinker drawer.

I hope this now clarifies the position

Peter Cannan



2023 CLUB SHOW, Trophy & Class SPONSORS

We are looking for sponsorship for the following awards

Ceramic Plates  {£15 each}​​​

Best Normals

Best Fawns​​​​​​G & K Craig

Best Pieds​​​​​​P & J Acock

Best Silvers​​​​​​D.Webster

Best Creams​​​​​​F & M Dawson

Best Lightbacks

Best Chestnut FW

Best Whites​​​​​​P & J Acock

Best Penguins​​​​​​D.Webster

Best Black faced, Blackcheek or Charcoals

Best Orange Breasted / Black Breasted

Best Grey cheek, Fawn cheek, Isabel or Crested


Also the 3 Breeder awards                    Sponsorship {£30each}

Best Champion Breeder​​       N.Smith, Carpentry & Joinery​​​

Best Novice Breeder​​​       N.Smith, Carpentry & Joinery

Best Junior Breeder​​​       P & J Paintain​​


​​Any class Sponsorship {£5}

Please inform Peter Cannan if you wish to donate / sponsor and the Award you have chosen

The sponsors name { not amount} will be shown in the Catalogue


Important:- Due to problems with society email address, please use the following emails:

Membership inquiries: frank1947william@btinternet.com 

General inquiriespeter.cannan1953@btinternet.com


Important Message – Could all members sending cheques for ring orders and/or membership subs, merchandise etc, please note that the the society’s proper title should be written on the cheques and NOT the  abbreviated use ZFS. Please pass this message on to other members you might know

                2018/2019 Chairman, Paul Acock

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Subscriptions can be paid by Pay Pal, you can also pay by cheque/postal order.  For full details click on “The Society” then “Join the Zebra Finch Society” at the top of this page, where you will find downloadable application forms.

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If you require any further information please send an email to: frank1947william@btinternet.com


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