South Western Zebra Finch Club 60th Anniversary Open Show

The club’s 60th Anniversary open show was held in conjunction with the Southwest Bengalese Finch Club with a soup song of Foreign Bird entries held at The Kenn Centre, Kennford near Exeter on 17th September 2023.

Entries for the Zebra Finch club totalled 220 with 183benched and for the first time included the new colour mutation ‘Charcoal’ which has only recently been recognised by the Zebra Finch Society as a standard mutation in its own right.

With 15 Champion exhibitors, 12 Novice and 4 Juniors all competing with their birds, there were some large classes for the Judges Peter Harrison and Adrian Wills to judge with a class of 17 in the Novice Adult Normal taking the day’s record, but with other classes of up to 14 being quite frequent.

Some exhibitors had travelled no small distances from as far away as Kent, Sussex and from all over Wales, having to rise extremely early or stay overnight at local chain hotels. So, a BIG thank you to them who helped make the show the success it was.

This year for the first time, the show catering was provided by ‘Kimmy’s Snack Bar’ of Newton Abbot who provided amazing food and beverage from the Kenn Centre’s own kitchen. Comments like “That was the best Jacket Spud ever” were heard. Well done Ladies!

Amongst the generous sponsorships for the show Haith’s Bird Seeds sponsored some rosettes and seed vouchers to the value of 12kg of Foreign Finch mix. These awards were presented to- The Best Junior Adult, Best Junior Breeder, Best Foreign and Best Foreign Current Year Bred. Thank you Haith’s



Best in Show – Brent Humphries – Lightbacks

Best Champion​Brent Humphries – Lightbacks

Champion Breeder​Brent Humphries – Lightbacks

Champion Adult​Kerry & Wayne Davies – CFW’s

Best Novice​​Chas Coakley – CFW’s

Novice Breeder​Chas Coakley – CFW’s

Novice Adult​​Gareth Hughes – CFW’s

Best Junior​​Bethany Elliott – Normals

Junior Adult​​Behtany Elliott – Normals

Junior Breeder​​Thomas & Teigan Burton – Penguins



Normals​​​B Humphries*​​G Hughes​​B Elliott

Fawns​​​​P Edmundson*​T Stubbs

Pieds​​​​P Cannan​​A & E Norris*

Silvers​​​​P & J Paintain*​​T Stubbs

Creams​​​N Smith*

Lightbacks​​​B Humphries*​​T Stubbs

CFW’s​​​​K & W Davies*​​C Coakley​​C Murdoch

Whites​​​​L Calford*​​A Norris

Penguins​​​M Rigden*​​L & M Rigden

BF/BC/Charcoals​​M Elliott*​​J Price

BB/OB​​​​R H Davies*​​J Price

GC/FC/Crest or Isabel​​K & W Davies*

• Donated – Overall Colour Winner

Champion Adult R/D​​​Champion Breeder R/D

1st  K & W Davies – CFW’s​​B Humphries – Lightbacks

2nd P Edmundson – Fawns​​K & W Davies – Lightbacks

3rd K & W Davies – Lightbacks​​M Elliott – Normals

4th B Humphries – Normals​​A Cole – Normals

5th N Smith – Creams​​​A Cole – CFW’S

6th B Humphries – Lightbacks​​K & W Davies – Lightbacks

7th L Calford – Whites​​​P Edmundson – Fawns

Novice Adult R/D​​​Novice Breeder R/D

1st  G Hughes – CFW’s​​​C Coakley – CFW’s

2nd G Hughes – Normals​​C Coakley – CFW’s

3rd G Hollings – CFW’s​​​G Hughes – CFW’s

4th R Jones – CFW’s​​​G Hughes – CFW’s

5th T Stubbs – Fawns​​​A Norris – Whites

6th A Norris – Pieds​​​C Coakley – Normals

7th T Stubbs – Silvers​​​R Jones – Lightbacks

Junior Adult R/D​​​Junior Breeder R/D

1st  B Elliott – Normals​​​T & T Burton – Penguins

2nd M Elliott – Lightbacks​​L Bowyer – AOSV

3rd C Murdoch – CFW’s

Novice to Champion Wins

G Hughes (2)​Class Win – CFW’s Adults, Class Win – Normal Adults​

C Coakley (1)​Novice Breeder Win – CFW’s​