SW&SCZFC ‘Victor Cole Memorial Show’ report & results.

Report and results of the SW&SCZFC ‘Victor Cole Memorial Show’ held at Kennford nr Exeter 8th September 2019.

With over 155 entries bench at the ‘Victor Cole Memorial Show’ held by the South Western and Southern Counties Zebra Finch Club as their Area Show, judges Nigel Smith and Paul Paintain certainly had some hard judging to do, with 40 Champion Adults, 33 Champion Breeders, 26 Novice Adults, 29 Novice Breeders, 8 over all Junior entries and 13 Single Birds. Sales accounted for 6 more.

As in years gone past, the show hall was shared with the South West Bengalese club who were also holding a Memorial Show in memory George Lewsey who was a keen Bengalese and Zebra Finch member at the same show.

A minute silence was held in memory of both Victor and George with Victor’s son Andrew carrying out the presentation of awards to the Zebra Finch show winners.

Chairman of the club Paul Paintain thanked all the members who had entered and taken the time to travel some distance from Wales, Bristol and the far reaches of Cornwall. He also, on behalf of those exhibitors who had partaken of Breakfast, Lunch and general refreshments thanked the dedicated kitchen workers for their hard work and wished everyone a safe journey home.

Main Results were as Follows-

Best In Show, Best Champion, Champion Adult and Fawn award: – Paul Edmundson (Wales)

Best Champion Breeder and Light Back colour award: – K&W Davies (Wales)

Best Novice, Novice Adult and CFW colour award: – Gareth Hollings (Devon)

Best Novice Breeder, (CFW) and Cream colour award: – Andy Nethercott (Devon)

Best Junior and Junior Adult (Fawn): – Abbie Smith. (Devon)

Best Junior Breeder (CFW): – Jack Harrison. (Wales)

Best Single Bird and Champion Single Bird: – Andrew Cole (Bristol)

Best Novice Single Bird: Gareth Hollings (Devon)              

In the section rundown.

Champion Adult:- 2nd Huw Davies, 3rd Andy Cole, 4th Andy Cole, 5th Lee Calford, 6th Lee Calford, 7th Huw Davies.

Champion Breeders:- 2nd Lee Calford, 3rd Paul Edmundson, 4th Huw Davies, 5th K & W Davies, 6th Huw Davies, 7th Lee Calford.

Novice Adult:- 2nd Di Noble, 3rd Alex Norris, 4th Andy Nethercott, 5th Gareth Hollings, 6th Penny Lambert, 7th Andy Nethercott.

Novice Breeders:- 2nd Gareth Hollings 3rd J Robertson, 4th Alex Norris 5th Andy Nethercott,6th Penny Lambert, 7th Andy Nethercott.

Best Of Colour –

Normal :-                               Huw Davies

Fawn :-                                   Paul Edmundson

Pied :-                                     Lee Calford

Silver :-                                   E & C Calford

Cream :-                                 Andy Nethercott

Lightback :-                            K & W Davies

CFW :_-                                   Gareth Hollings

White :-                                   Lee Calford

Penguin :-                                B Harrison

Black/Orange Breasted :-     Huw Davies

Cheeks/Isabel/Crested : –     Mark Harrison

On behalf of SW&SCZFC management team. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all exhibitors for your support at this event.