Stafford 2021 Show Results.

Best in Show                              Dave Brown – Normals                      

   Best Champion                        Dave Brown – Normals                      

   Champion Adult                     Dave Brown – Normals                     

   Champion Breeder                  Dave Brown – Chestnut FW

   Best Novice                             Martin Crowther – Fawns                              

   Novice Adult                          Martin Crowther – Fawns

   Novice Breeder                       Mrs Penny Lambert – Chestnut FW

   Best Junior                              Liam Williams – Fawns                                

  Junior Adult                            Liam Williams – Fawns                                                

Junior Breeder                          Liam Williams – Fawns   

             COLOUR  AWARDS  –     * Overall Best of Colour

                                                Champion                  Novice                         Junior

Normals                                 D.Brown *                 D.Noble                   L.Williams

Fawns                                     R.H.Davies                M.Crowther*             L.Williams

Pieds                                      R.H.Davies                 A.Norris *                 

Silvers                                  D.Huntington*       J.Pope                         

Creams                                                                         J.Pope

Lightbacks                                                                  J.Pope                      L.Williams*         

Chestnut FW                       D.Brown*                 J.Robertson                                                                                                                                

Whites                                                                       A.Norris

Penguins                                                                   A.Garlick                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Black Face/Cheek             D.Brown

Blk/Orng Breasted     R.H.Davies*

Fawn/Grey Cheek                                                Mrs P.Lambert

Novice Wins towards Champion Status{4}

                                    D.Noble –                   Class Win – Normal Adults

                                    D.Noble –                   Class Win – Normal Breeders

                                  P.Lambert –         Novice Breeder – Chestnut FW  

                             J.Robertson –               Class Win – Chestnut FW Adults  


Dave Brown: BIS, Best Champion, Champion Adult and Breeder.
Martyn Crowthwr: Best Novice and Novice Adults
Penny Lambert: Best Novice Breeders
Liam Williams: All awards for Junior