Stafford 2019 Colour mutation show report

By Grant Summers

This year, as most will know, I put together a proposal to try out a new show section at Stafford dedicated to the colour combinations that are being bred by zebra finch breeders across the country. People who specialise in colour breeding more than type. This was agreed by the AGM and ZFS Committee, and I am extremely grateful for the support I have had with this new venture from the ZFS.

The show was run alongside the ZFS show at the National Exhibition held at Stafford in October and was therefore a “show within a show”. It was extremely successful – I was expecting 20 – 30 entries. In the event this target was almost doubled with 54 entries, with 41 being benched on the day from all across the Country and Ireland, which was a brilliant response.

Larry Mann volunteered to judge this new section and he had a tough task on the day. The amount of colour varieties on show, and birds carrying a multitude of mutations was amazing. To see the variety of colour that can be achieved within one small bird was an eye opener for everyone who visited the show. I would like to thank Larry for a fantastic job, and for all the promotion he managed to get for the show via Cage & Aviary Birds.

I could not have done the show without the help from Penny Lambert, we both volunteered to run the show at the National after a Facebook post was put out to the public to see if anyone was willing to take the reins of the show. Without Penny’s fantastic paperwork skills, taking the entries, working hard on the computer all day and night, as well as the day of the show we wouldn’t have had a show.

Also, a massive thank you to Davy Bain for manufacturing and supplying some brilliant slate trophies as well.

The show classification was set out running down various colour combinations of single birds and pairs for all classes, as follows:

Eumo, eumo combo, double mutation, triple mutation, quadruple mutation, mutation carring a split, and any other colour mutation.

All classes had entries apart from any other colour mutation. Quadruple (4 or more colours in one bird) is hard to achieve, but there are some out there!

The winning bird was a single bird bred and shown by Trevor Mayes from Norfolk. It was a quadruple combination bird which won best quadruple, best single, and best in show. This bird was an orange breasted, black breasted, black faced, orange backed colour combination with a normal grey baseline (which was hardly visible as nearly 90% of the bird was orange in colour. I have asked Trevor about the “orange backed” as this is an unheard-of colour mutation in the UK. Its origins are vague, there are a few in Europe, and this is where Trevor acquired the parents of the winning bird. He will be working to try to achieve more birds like this from the original line.

The best pair went to Paul Mottram with a pair of orange breasted, black breasted isabels, while best junior went to Leon Fleming with a black face, black breasted normal grey cock bird. Best eumos went to Billy Cleland’s pair of eumo black cheeks

Best double mutation went to Dave Brown with a black breasted, orange breasted isabel cock. And best triple to Paul Mottram, with a black breasted, orange breasted, black faced isabel cock. Finally, best mutation carrying a split went to Fleming and Fleming with an orange breasted split black breasted normal grey cock.

Overall the show was a fantastic success, and I am already planning next years show. Betweeen all the parties involved we have made history by having the largest amount of mixed colour mutation zebra finches on the show bench in the UK at one show.

Again, thank you to everyone involved, and I am looking forward to next year!

Grant Summers (SA34) – Stafford Show Manager

Run Down

Best in coloured show C5-1 Trevor Mayes
Best single C5-1 Trevor Mayes
Best pair C10-5 Paul Mottram
Best junior C16-1 Leon Fleming
Best eumo C9-1 Billy Cleland
Best double mutation C3-11 Dave Brown
Best triple mutation C4-11 Paul Mottram
Best quadruple mutation C5-1 Trevor Mayes
Best any other combo    
Best combo split C7-6 Fleming + Fleming