East Anglian ZFC 2021 show results

Best in Show        Liam Williams (Fawns)                                                       

Best Champion     Jim Andrews (Fawns)                                                                         

Best Novice           Martyn Crowther (Fawns)                                                                 

Best Junior            Liam Williams (Fawns)                       

               Champion Adult                                                   Champion Breeder

1              Jim Andrews           Fawns                                   1    Jim Andrews           Fawns

2              Jim Andrews           Normals                               2    Mr&Mrs Smith     CFWs

3              Jim Andrews           Fawns                                   3    Bob Mouland Normals

4              Jim Andrews           Normals                       4    Mr&Mrs Smith CFWs

5              Jim Andrews           Whites                                 5    Larry Mann Penguin

6              Dennis Webster     Penguins                             6    Larry Mann OB/BB

7              Dave Paine             Lightbacks                           7    Bob Mouland Normals

               Novice Adult                                                                       Novice Breeder

1              Martyn Crowther L/backs                  1              Martyn Crowther   Fawns

2              Martyn Crowther Silvers                    2              Martyn Crowther   Fawns

3              Martyn Crowther Normals                 3              Maurice Cosbey      L/Backs

4              Maurice Crosbey Fawns                     4              Andy Garlick           Penguins

5              Maurice Crosbey CFWs                      5              Andy Garlick           Penguins

6              Andy Garlick                       Penguins  6              Andy Garlick           Penguins

7              Tony Stubbs                        Normals   7              Tony Watts              CFW

               Junior Adult                                                           Junior Breeder

1              Liam Williams       Fawns                                   1    Liam Williams

2              Liam Williams       Normals                               2.   Liam Williams

3              Liam Williams       AOSV                     

Single Birds                                                          

Champion              Jim Andrews                        

Novice                    Tony Stubbs                         

Junior                     Liam Williams

Best of Colour

                                Ch.                          Nov                                     Junior        

Normals    Jim Andrews           Martyn Crowther                Liam Williams                                               

Fawns         Jim Andrews            Martyn Crowther                 Liam Williams

Pieds                        —                             —          

Silvers      Dennis Webster     Martyn Crowther             

Creams                      —                            —          

L/backs      Dave Paine             Martyn Crowther           

CFWs         Mr&Mrs Smith     Maurice Cosbey

Whites     Jim Andrews         —          

Penguins    Dennis Webster               Andy Garlick

BB/OB                    Larry Mann              —          

Best In Show & Best All Junior awards: Liam Williams

Best Champion All Awards: Jim Andrews

Best Novice All Awards: Martyn Crowther

Judge: Dave Brown

Liam with his winning Trophys