East Anglia Zebra Finch Society 2019 show results and photos.

Date and Venue of Show: 20th October 2019 at Barhill Village Hall, Cambridge.

Number of cages entered (excluding sales) 130

Number of cages benched 125

Best in Show – Colin Butterfield (Fawns)

Best Champion, Best Champion Adult – Colin Butterfield (Fawns)

Best Champion Breeder – Bob Mouland (Normals)

Best Novice, Best Novice Adult – Maurice Cosbey (Fawns)

Best Novice Breeder – Andy Garlick (Penguins)

Best Junior, Best Junior Adult – Liam Williams (Fawns)

Best Junior Breeder – Liam Williams (CFW)

Best Single Bird, Best Champ Single – Dennis Webster (Silver cock)

Best Novice Single – Maurice Cosbey

Best Junior Single – Liam Williams.

                 ADULT                                                 BREEDER

Champion Run-down

1st   Colin Butterfield (Fawns)                     Bob Mouland (Normals)

2nd  Bob Mouland (Normals)                       Colin Butterfield (Creams)

3rd  Mr & Mrs PD Smith (Fawns)               Bob Mouland (Normals)

4th  Dennis Webster (Penguins)                   Larry Mann (Fawns)

5th  Bob Mouland (Normals)                        Bob Mouland (Normals)

6th  Mr & Mrs B Rudling (CFW)                Bob Mouland (Whites)

 7th  Mr & Mrs P D Smith (L/Backs)             Larry Mann (Penguins)

Novice Run-down

1st    Maurice Cosbey (CFW)                          Andy Galick (Penguins)

2nd  Maurice Cosbey (Normals)                     Tony Watts (Fawns)

3rd  Tony Watts (Fawns)                                 Andy Garlick (Pieds)

4th  Andy Garlick (Pengions)                          Maurice Cosbey (CFW)

5th  Tony Watts (CFW)                                    Tony Watts (CFW)

6th  Tony Watts (Fawns)                                   Andy Garlick (Pieds)

7th  Andy Garlick (Pieds)                                 Andy Garlick (Pieds)

Junior Run-down

1st  Liam Williams (Fawns)                              Liam Williams (CFW)

2nd  Liam Williams (Normals)                         Liam Williams (Fawn)

3rd  Nathaniel Gilbert (Normals)                     Liam Williams (CFW)


Normals – Bob Mouland

Fawns – Colin Butterfield

Pieds – Andy Garlick

Silvers – N/A

Creams – Colin Butterfield

L/Backs – Mr & Mrs P D Smith

CFW – Mr & Mrs B Rudling

Whites – Bob Mouland

Penguin – Dennis Webster

BC/BF – Dave Cannon

BB/OB – Larry Mann

AOSV – Bob Mouland