2019 Club show results and photos.


Date and Venue of Show: 14th September 2019 at Bugbrooke Community Centre, Northants.

Number of cages entered (excluding sales) 220

Best in Show – Peter Harrison (Fawns)

Best Champion, Best Champion Adult – Peter Harrison (Fawns)

Best Champion Breeder – Peter Harrison (Normals)

Best Novice, Best Novice Breeder – B&W Downing (Fawns)

Best Novice Adult – B&W Downing (Normals)

Best Junior, Best Junior Breeder – Liam Williams (Fawns)

Best Junior Adult – Ela-Kay and Cari Calford (Fawns)

Best Single Bird, Best Champ Single – Peter Harrison

Best Novice Single – Paul Ellis

Best Junior Single – Liam Williams.

                 ADULT                                                 BREEDER

Champion Run-down

1st   Peter Harrison (Fawns)                         Peter Harrison (Normals)

2nd  Peter Harrison (Normals)                      Dave Edwards (Silvers)

3rd  Peter Harrison (Silvers)                         Dave Edwards (Fawns)

4th  Peter Harrison (Fawns)                          Lee Calford (Whites)

5th  Peter Harrison (Normals)                       A&V Coles (CFWs)

6th  Peter Harrison (L/Backs)                        K&W Davies (L/Backs)

 7th   Peter Harrison (Blackcheeks)                 Bob Mouland (BB/OB)

Novice Run-down

1st    B&W Downing (Normals)                        B&W Downing (Fawns)

2nd  B&W Downing (Creams)                          B&W Downing (Normals)

3rd   B&W Downing (Normals)                         B&W Downing (Normals)

4th  Martyn Crowther (Fawns)                         Martyn Crowther (Fawns)

5th  B&W Downing (L/Backs)                           Martyn Crowther (Normals)

6th  Maurice Crosbey (CFWs)                           Martyn Crowther (Fawns)

7th  Wayne Brown (Fawns)                                 B&W Downing (Fawns)

Junior Run-down

1st  Ela-Kay & Cari Calford (Fawns)                Liam Williams (Fawns)

2nd  Jack Harrison (CFWs)                                 Jack Harrison (CFWs)

3rd  Ela-Kay & Cari Calford (Silvers)                Liam Williams (CFW)


                          Champion                         Novice                      Junior        

Normals           Peter Harrison*           B&W Downing           Liam Williams

Fawns              Peter Harrison*            B&W Downing           Liam Williams

Pieds                Lee Calford                    Paul Ellis*

Silvers              Peter Harrison*             Jon Pope

Creams             Nigel Smith*                  B&W Downing

L/Backs             Peter Harrison*            B&W Downing

CFW                  Peter Harrison*             Maurice Crosbey          Jack Harrison

Whites               Lee Calford*                  Andy Weston

Penguin             Dennis Webster*            Wayne Brown

BC/BF               Peter Harrison*                        —

BB/OB               Huw Davies*                               —

AOSV                Bob Mouland                  Wayne Brown*           Eli-Kay and Cari Calford

*Best of Colour Overall